The older I get (and I’m only 30) the more I find that it is increasingly difficult to find a balance between the beauty the world creates with the horrors humanity allows. For every glorious thing nature bestows upon us we seem to double down on the negativity within our race, the human race that is. We seem bent on our own implosion by using religion, country, and skin color to abuse ourselves. These things are like blinders we concoct that distract us from issues of a global nature. Issues that, if we could put aside infantile notions, we could fix to ensure a future for the species. We act more like a blemish on a perfect body than the custodians of our own home. As depressing as this thought is, the natural world continues, battered, but alive, producing awe inspired images of a harmonic balance of nature and nuture. How do I, as a person, achieve the same? How do we, as a people, move forward?

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